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Our rates are competitive & budget friendly according to the existing Market.
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SMS Advertising works for all kinds of companies, particularly in targeting the regional consumers. With the help of bulk SMS you can enhance your sale by 200 % in simply a number of days throughout the promos or festivals.

SMS Advertising service is exceptional for promoting along with in interacting with the consumers and communicating a brand name message or to establish strong brand name awareness amongst the mass.

Individuals are either talking over a mobile phone, or drafting/reading SMS, playing video games, listening music, taking photos/videos, searching net etc, therefore making it an unavoidable part of contemporary life. The mobile customers and service carriers are quickly enhancing day by day. Current studies & research studies disclose that mobile customers in India will swiftly enhance in the coming years, each of them having at least 3-5 mobile connections.

It is right here that the marketer gets a brand-new platform to reach possible clients through SMS Advertising or Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing is an ingenious trick that allows companies to engage and interact with their audience/customers in a appropriate and interactive way through any cell phone or network.


Experience India's most beautifully designed Enterprise Messaging Panel with all the services under one roof. You can Send SMS, receive SMS or Missed calls on our Virtually hosted numbers, send automated responses, etc. Our API's are most user-friendly that you can build applications in matter of minutes (literally) with the help of our sample files on all programming languages.

Most User Friendly Interface

Lightning fast Delivery in ~10 Seconds

Customized Sender ID

100% Delivery on Active Numbers

Powerful API's

Send to 5 Lakh+ Nos at Once

99.99% Server Uptime

Send Scheduled SMS

Network Redundancy

Send Group SMS

Dedicated Speed for Huge Campaigns

Upload from Excel file


Promote your Products/Services across India, get more Customers & Sales

We will match or improve on any prices - just ask! We offer India's most feature rich, fast, and reliable Bulk SMS service at a very fair price. Our web-based software is 100% free forever, you simply purchase top-up SMS as and when required. We use fast & quality connections to mobile networks to guarantee the fastest deliverability of your SMS. We can price match with almost any valid SMS service provider on Planet Earth!

Promotional SMS

SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Validity Price
50 Sms 15 Days Free Trail
5000 Sms 24 365 Days 1200 Rs
10000 Sms 20 365 Days 2000 Rs
25000 Sms 17 365 Days 4250 Rs
100000 Sms 16 365 Days 16000 Rs

Transactional SMS

SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Validity Price
50 Sms 0 15 Days Free Trail
5000 Sms 24 365 Days 1200 Rs
10000 Sms 20 365 Days 2000 Rs
25000 Sms 17 365 Days 4250 Rs
100000 Sms 16 365 Days 16000 Rs

Why Use Our Service?

Oh Yes!! Every Tom, Dick & Harry provides SMS Services. So what makes RechApi stand apart from the rest of un-healthy crowd? Matter of Fact: There are less than 10 actual sms service providers in India with their own infra-structure. So who are the rest? Simple, they're the resellers of one company or other claiming themselves to be the actual service providers.


  • Fast turn-around time
  • Simplified login/sign-up process
  • Seamless integration
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Affordable & reliable services
  • 24x7 support available


  • Slow turn-around time
  • Complex/long login/sign-up process
  • Difficult to integrate
  • Requires technical knowledge
  • Affordable but unreliable
  • Little or no support

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