Terms of Service

This agreement covers the terms and conditions related to purchasing any products and services from RechApi through our website accessed via www.rechapi.com. As a customer, its important for you to make sure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase with us, to avoid any possible misunderstanding in the future.


Purchase Agreement

User cannot use the service to harm/abuse anyone or any firm. User cannot use any bad words in the text that harms a person directly or indirectly. The User understands and makes a transaction only after accepting all of our terms and conditions mentioned below.

Recharge Dispute

Please do not refund user until we refund you , if you do so it will be your loss. Please dispute your transaction within 15 days of transaction date else we will not able to check that transaction. We have following two dispute system


It means if customer not received balance within 1 hr and want refund then make DISPUTE AND REFUND complain. It will maximize your chance to get it refund but it will not be 100% surity that you will get refund so please do not refund until we refund it.


It means if customer not received balance within 1 hr and want to success that recharge then make DISPUTE AND REPROCESS complain. It will maximize your chance to get it success only if customer provided correct details .

Account Validity

Once your api balance is more than 5000 Rs you must need to do Kyc with us otherwise you will not able to use any sevice.

We generally provide 1 Year A/c validity by default each time from the date of Last purchase. If the sms credits , Recharge are not used in the span of 1 yr, we will be able to increase the validity only if the user makes a new transaction with us.

Account Termination

We have rights to forfeit the all/partial credits and terminate your a/c at anytime if we found you using it for illegal campaigns or in breach of DND agreement or any terms and conditions listed in this page.

Pricing Policy

Pricing is bound to change every single month. This may not have any effect on your already bought credits, however, when TRAI or other gov. regulations hikes/decreases the base price, we have rights to increase/decrease your SMS credits , Recharge Margin without any prior notice.

Legal Action on Illegal Usage

We track your IP & geo location of your logins every single time and are saved in our database for security. Any illegal use, if found, we might first terminate your a/c and might take Legal action on you if the case is in severe breach of ours & Gov\'s terms and conditions.


We have 24x5 (Excluding Saturday and Sunday) billing system available for neft and imps. Remember we only accept payment directly from bank not from any 3rd party website or any company. Some times billing may takes 1 week.

No Refund Policy

We do not have any refund policy, funds transferred to us will never be refunded. So kindly test our services well before making any future transactions.

Account Termination / Change on Margin

we reserves the rights to modify/change any plan cost anytime without prior notification to their customers. We also reserves the rights to increase/decrease margin/surcharge on any operator anytime without prior notification to their customers. We also reserves the rights to terminate/suspend any of their customer account on violation of our terms and conditions or abuse or any harassment or if customer do not take any recharge balance for more than 1 year or customer uses our services on non-B2B website/portal/app. Pre-approval is required for B2C website/portal/app. No refund will be provided in all cases and if there is any amount of remaining balance left in customer account on our website, same will be converted to zero or nil and no refund/redeem will be given to customer. One recharge transaction and one payment transaction is mandatory in every 90 days, if rechapi user has not done any recharge and payment transaction in last 90 days, his/her account will be terminated/suspended automatically by our system.

Our Terms & Conditions may change often, so kindly check out the page once in a while before making any commitment.

Last Modified: April, 2015